By Jamie Fullerton, MSc


about me

Howdy! Jamie here – strategist, storyteller, and theme park enthusiast. From award-winning campaigns to international adventures, I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic vision to everything I do. I'm ready to bring my strategic thinking and creative energy to the theme park industry.

Jamie Fullerton

Creative Strategist



My branding process blends strategic analysis with creative vision. Using insights into your organization's mission, I'll develop messaging and visuals that connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Authentic Messaging

Compelling Brands

Engaged Communities

Media & Press

I've secured national media placements for clients on top outlets like MSNBC and CNN. My expertise in media relations includes strategic prep, clear messaging, and crafting compelling media alerts to maximize reach.


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Engaging Journalists, Igniting Media Interest



Elevating Brand Presence Through Imagery

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Embracing the Next Generation

Social Media


I craft organic social media campaigns that build authentic brand engagement and drive results. On Twitter, I leverage timely, newsworthy content to spark journalist interest and secure valuable media coverage. For Instagram, I combine eye-catching visuals with impactful storytelling to elevate your brand identity and build a loyal following. And on TikTok, my trend-aware content fosters genuine audience interaction, boosting your brand's appeal among younger demographics.


Driving PR Success with Strategic Tweets


Crafting a Captivating Brand Image


Mastering Trends, Amplifying Your Brand


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Print & Mail

Award-winning campaigns that drive results

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CRM & Email

Email campaigns with strong open rates and action-inspiring messages



Innovative text campaigns (SMS & MMS) that boost engagement



Government Relations

With a strong foundation in Political Science (BA, MSc) and experience ranging from the U.S. House of Representatives to presidential campaigns, I bring strategic insight and a proven ability to navigate the world of government relations. My extensive network and deep understanding of political strategy allow me to navigate complex policy landscapes and achieve advocacy goals.

Event Planning

I design and execute unforgettable events that resonate with audiences. My meticulous planning, creative vision, and focus on lasting impact transform concepts into memorable experiences.

Community Engagement

Building Connections and Nurturing Belonging

Volunteer Management

Nurture Community Connections

Town Halls

Communicate Key Messages to Diverse Audiences


Establish a Strong Presence in the Community

Project Management

I'm a certified project manager with a proven track record of successfully leading teams and executing complex projects. My hands-on experience fostering collaboration, combined with my expertise in project management tools (Monday, Asana), and formal training, ensure projects meet deadlines, surpass goals, and stay within budget.



I transform product concepts into market-ready merchandise with my expertise in development, production, and cost management. My keen eye for quality, strong vendor relationships, and meticulous planning ensure projects meet budget and exceed expectations.


Full-Time Employees


In Annual Revenue


Raised for Clients



I founded and rapidly scaled my startup, achieving over $600,000 in annual revenue and building a team of 7 in just three years. This success showcases my entrepreneurial drive, strategic sales and negotiation expertise, and ability to translate vision into tangible results. My hands-on approach, combined with proven success in team leadership, ensures I can deliver significant growth for any organization.

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